A drone that detects and then follows intruders

17 Jan

Drones have become a useful technology in various fields and the ongoing technological improvements in these are opening more and more avenues when it comes to using these. Japanese company Secom has introduced a new drone that has been designed in such a way that it autonomously detects unwanted intruders and follows them as they try to escape (clicking photographs simultaneously).

The drone will be specifically useful for individuals and units that need to monitor large buildings or large areas of land. The small flight surveillance robot is equipped with a camera to capture photographs of suspicious individuals. Constructed for autonomous surveillance, the UAV rests on a launch pad and charging station personally dedicated to it. This way it is always ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. For night operation it has been equipped with LED lights.

Once, the UAV detects an intruder, the UAV will lift off up to the height of three to five metres and will follow the suspects at a speed of up to 10 km per hour. While tracking the intruder, the camera fixed on the drone will try to take pictures of the individual’s face, his or her vehicle if there is any and the surroundings. This compete data and pictures will then be sent to Secom’s security centre where the experts will analyze the severity and seriousness of the situation.

This surveillance system using drones has an edge over static surveillance systems because in the latter, a security guard has to visit the static camera in order to judge if the threat is serious or not. Secom has started selling this small flight surveillance robot from this month at a cost of ¥800,000 ($6,575) for the drone, and a monthly fee of ¥5,000 ($40) for their associated services.

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sema chochote

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