London to New York in half an hour !!!

02 Nov

2DCCA99600000578-3289880-image-a-25_1445861547939It’s 12 years since Concorde made its last supersonic flight at Mach 2.04, or 1,354 mph (2,179 km/h).

But the future of flight could be much faster, with a transatlantic journey taking as little as half an hour.

A concept aircraft named Skreemr could reach speeds exceeding Mach 10 – that’s 10 times the speed of sound.

Using such a launch system, the craft would be positioned on a pair of conductive parallel rails and accelerated along them using a powerful electromagnetic field.

Liquid-oxygen or kerosene rockets would be fired to enable the plane to rapidly climb higher in the sky and reach Mach 4, which is around twice the speed of Concorde, The Globe and Mail reported

The designers say scramjet engines could then be used to propel it to speeds of over 10 times the speed of sound, which is around 7,673mph (12,349km/h)

While scramjet engines are under development for drones and military planes, it could be years until they are used for consumer jets and there is no suggestion the designs for Skreemr will ever become reality.

Craft using scramjet propulsion systems are set to be smaller, lighter and faster, because oxygen needed for engine combustion would be taken from air passing through a vehicle, instead of from a tank on board, Nasa explains.

It’s predicted scramjets could reach 15 times the speed of sound

Airbus hopes its planned hypersonic jet, which would travel at 4.5 times the speed of sound, could take people between two major cities 2DCCA9AC00000578-3289880-image-a-24_1445861544372faster than most daily commutes.

Its proposed one-hour journey time between New York and London would be more than three times faster than the original Concorde, which made its final flight in 2003.

Standard airliners take around eight hours to complete the journey.

Airbus’ jet is described as ‘an air vehicle including a fuselage, a gothic delta wing distributed on either side of the fuselage, and a system of motors able to propel the air vehicle’





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