Only Fifth Of U.S. Apple Watches Shipped Over Launch Weekend, Says Data Firm

Posted: 04/27/2015 in personal


Apple’s debut wearable, the eponymous Apple Watch, started shipping Friday — with the first batch of buyers getting their hands on the long-awaited Cupertino wrist-computer. (NB: We’re keeping our own Apple Watch diary here, charting evolving observations of TC staffers who have a device at this early stage.)

How many buyers have actually got their hands on an Apple Watch at this point? According to U.S. online commerce market research firm, Slice Intelligence, the launch weekend saw only around a fifth (22 per cent) of U.S. buyers get a delivery from Cupertino. Or 376,000 out of a total of 1.7 million early U.S. orders.

A further 647,000 Apple Watches (ordered by 639,000 U.S. buyers) — so 38 per cent of orders — have yet to be assigned a shipping estimate, according to Slice’s data.

Slice is using shipping notification data sent to its panel of two million online shoppers to calculate the…

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