This Retail Owner and App Developer Rates his BlackBerry Classic “a Solid Nine” out of Ten

Posted: 03/18/2015 in personal

Inside BlackBerry

Work-life balance is something that we all strive to maintain. Keeping track of work projects, business dinners, anniversaries and birthdays is no easy task, but the BlackBerry Classic is here to help.

carpet salesman 2Meet James H. Jackson, Jr., co-owner of a retail business based in Rhode Island. Jackson also finds the time to code open-source and Linux applications, and plans to launch an app soon. He uses the BlackBerry Classic to stay on top of business inquiries and personal priorities.

He’s the latest satisfied BlackBerry Classic user I’ve interviewed, from this financial TV guru and this digital marketing agency CEO, to this Toronto Maple Leafs executive and this high-tech CTO as well as this club DJ and this fine arts photographer.

You can check out the latest roundup of positive media reviews for the BlackBerry Classic HERE, and stay tuned for an upcoming roundup of these Q-and-A’s where…

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