PocketNow, Gizmodo India, SmartCompany and Others Laud BlackBerry Classic as Availability Expands

Posted: 03/18/2015 in personal

Inside BlackBerry

We’ve been rounding up reviews for the BlackBerry Classic as they’ve been coming in since the initial launch in December.

With the BlackBerry Classic’s availability continuing to expand via carriers such as AT&T and now Verizon (in the US) as well as outside of North America, more reviews are popping up.

Let’s see what they’re saying!

(And be sure to catch our video review roundup HERE, and our prior BlackBerry Classic review roundups HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE for the full scope, with a “best-of” SlideShare HERE. Yeah, that’s a lot “thumbs-ups”.)

“It’s a Productivity Powerhouse”

“[I]f you want to communicate efficiently and effectively and you don’t want to sift through an ocean of notifications to figure out why your phone just beeped, then carry a BlackBerry,” urgesPocketnow’s Adam Doud. “[A]fter a few days, I’m starting to discover why [people…

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