How to Share Files Between Your PC and Android Mobile Over Wifi

03 Feb

When it comes to transferring files from your android device to computer or other mobile devicethe most commonly used medium is Bluetooth or a USB cable. But what if the mobile’s usb port is damaged and Bluetooth transfer speed is too slow?.

Sharing files between your pc and mobile with WiFi is another method, and there are many apps available  for this task, after reviewing some apps I found two great ones as discussed below.


Airdroid is one of the highest rated apps in the market that lets you manage and control your Android devices (phones & tablets) from a desk web browser. The app can be both used to receive and send files wirelessly between your PC and Android device.

Airdroid also lets you easily interact with content on your device. It links to your contacts and messages, meaning you can send an SMS or acquire contact information without physically accessing your phone.

Apart from that, you can also view media files on your device like photos, musics and videos, which will all stream over Wi-Fi for you to view or edit on your computer.

Now, let’s see how to transfer files to and from your Android device using Airdroid over WiFi.

  1. Turn on your mobile’s hotspot,and connect with that hotspot on PC.
  2. Install and open Airdroid app , now you will see a web  IP address on the app. Note it down as you’ll need that web address to connect your Android device through your computer’s web browser.
  3. Now paste that link to your web browser and accept the connection request on the mobile.
  4. After connecting successfully ,the Airdroid web page will display on your browser.
  1. Now you are ready to share files between pc and mobile, just click on files icon and you can simply upload and download the files with the speed of your WiFi.                          .


Es file explorer is also a very popular file explorer for android mobiles but it can also be used for file transfers over the WiFi .

EsFile explore turns your mobile into  an FTP server and can transfer the file with FTP(file transfer protocol ) transfer .

Now, let’s see how to transfer files from and to your Android device using Es File explorer app over WiFi.

  1. Download and Install Es file explorer and open it.
  2. Connect pc with yours mobiles Hotspot.
  3. Go to option->remote manager and turn it on.
  4. After enabling ftp server you will see unique ftp server link.
  5. Paste it on windows explorer location bar and you can access all files and folder directly from windows explorer.
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