Travel While You’re Young

21 Sep


Wanderlust Nomads

Even in our fast-paced, globalizing world, where travel is becoming more accessible for people worldwide, I still hear from peers and friends alike that traveling is simply too expensive, or that travel is a “privilege” they have not been given access to. They say it’s something they’ll do later, but that they are soooo jealous that I’ve been able to do it at our current age.

Here’s the thing- it’s up to you to make the out of the ordinary happen. Traveling takes time, courage, and usually a dip into your savings.

But here is why I think that you should travel now, not later:

  1. You’re young and free — and most likely the least-attached to family/jobs/mortgages/responsibilities that you ever will be, from this point forward. Take advantage of this fleeting period of flexibility! Objections: you have a job now (well, you’ll also need one later), you’re in a…

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sema chochote

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