NEWS/ Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran Back On? Rapper Leaves “I Love You” Message From Jail—Listen!

01 Apr (1)

So, we guess this means Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are together again (surprised?).

Breezy left a voice message for his fans and his lady on Tran’s phone while still in jail, which she played on speaker and recorded as an Instagram video to share with all of Chris’ admirers last night—and also to let everyone know that they’re an item.

“I’m callin’ all my fans, you know I love y’all, thank you for all the support,” you can hear Brown say in the video_<> “Thank you for everything. The [“Loyal”] video just came out so I hope you all enjoy that. And most importantly, K, Karrueche, I love you. So thank you.”


The message seemed to be bittersweet for Tran, who flashed a sweet smile yet seemed a little sad when hearing his voice.

Brown is currently in jail for reported probation infractions, which include making a “provocative statement” during a morning rehab reflection class (allegedly boasting, “I’m good with guns and knives”), touching elbows/standing close to a female client and issues concerning a drug test.

In early March, Tran made it clear that she and Breezy parted ways on Twitter. “Not dating anyone stop w the bs,’ the model wrote on Wednesday, which subsequently posted on Instagram as well, with the caption, “Please and thank you.

Apparently, the pair had a change of heart since then.


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