Facebook Buys A Virtual World

26 Mar
Facebook Buys A Virtual World


Today, in a somewhat surprising move, Facebook purchased virtual reality company Oculus VR. The buy elicited visceral reactions from people dismayed that Oculus sold out so early to snarky comments about what Facebook might do with it.

First of all, any talk about the Facebook news feed appearing in virtual form is far too short-sighted. Will someone port the feed over to Oculus? Probably. But that’s not even close to the endgame here. Nor is Facebook’s chatter about gaming really what this is about. There will doubtless be a lot of gaming-focused development to come, and it makes little sense for Oculus to abandon that line of thought entirely.

But the gaming market, no matter how lucrative, isn’t the resting place here.

You might even see people talk about this being a “platform play,” but that, too, isn’t the half of it.

When Facebook launched, the landscape of computing wasn’t even a…

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sema chochote

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